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November 2020 – Anders Gersel Pedersen is appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of AELIS FARMA

Anders brings to the company his experience in the pharmaceutical industry and his well-known expertise in the development of new drugs for brain diseases.

Anders received his medical degree and doctoral degree from the University of Copenhagen (1987) and an MBA from the Copenhagen Business School (1990).

Between 1988 and 1999, Anders held senior management positions at Eli Lilly. He then joined Lundbeck in 2000 and served on the board as an executive from 2008 and retired as Executive Vice President for Research and Development in 2018.

Throughout his career, Anders has supported several fast-growing biotechnology companies as non- executive Director (TopoTarget ALK-Abelio). Anders is currently a member of the board of Hansa Biopharma, Genmab, Bavarian Nordic.

December 2019: Aelis Farma raises €11 million to accelerate the clinical development of a paradigm-shifting new class of drugs, the CB1-SSi, for treating cannabis addiction and cognitive disorders

September 2019: Dr Piazza is invited to give the opening plenary lecture of the Addiction 2020 international conference (Sardegna, Italy, September 2020)

July 2019: Dr. Piazza presents at the T21RS conference the perspectives of the drug market for a treatment of cognitive deficits in Down Syndrome (Barcelona, Spain)

Mai 2019: The phase II evaluating the effects of AEF0117 in cannabis addicts actively recruits

December 2018: The Board of Aelis Farma decides to enter AEF0217 in preclinical development

AEF0217 is being developed for the treatment of cognitive disorders and is expected to enter phase I trials at mid-2020.

July 2018: Aelis Farma successfully completes the phase I trials with AEF0117

These studies confirm the excellent safety profile of AEF0117 already observed in animals. AEF0117 has not currently identified toxic or adverse effect, with a therapeutic index >14 000 in animals.

December 2017 : introducing our new CEO, Pier Vincenzo Piazza

We’re pleased to announce the appointment of Pier Vincenzo Piazza as Aelis Farma’s new CEO.

Piervi’s appointment comes at a key moment in Aelis Farma’s development : the company is currently finalizing its phase 1 studies for AEF0117, its lead compound, and is actively preparing its phase IIa study in the field of cannabis addiction which will be conducted at Columbia University.

Piervi is an MD PhD also trained as a psychiatrist. He has been working full time on translational research since 1988. His particular field of expertise is the pathophysiology of behavior and in particular addiction, which he has been studying for 25 years.

Since 2007 and until his appointment as full time CEO of Aelis Farma, he was the director of the Neurocentre Magendie (INSERM, U862) in Bordeaux. The role of pregnenolone as a signaling specific allosteric inhibitor of the CB1 has been discovered by his research group. He cofounded Aelis Farma and has been acting as the director of its R&D activities until his appointment as CEO.

Previous to Aelis Farma, he cofounded two other biotech companies (Fluofarma and Alienor Farma), the former specialized in High Content Screening and the latter in the development of an anticancer drug. These two previous companies have given him a solid background in entrepreneurship and drug development.

March 2016: publication by the World Health Organization of “The health and social effects of nonmedical cannabis use”

This recent publication by the WHO builds on contributions from a broad range of experts and researchers all over the world. It aims at presenting the current knowledge of the impact of nonmedical cannabis use on health including epidemiology of cannabis disorders, neurobiology and short term effects of cannabis use, mental health/psychosocial outcomes of long term cannabis use.  According to WHO data, 16% of countries included in the recent ATLAS survey (Atlas 2015 in press) reported cannabis use as the main reason for people seeking substance abuse treatment. This puts cannabis second only to alcohol as a reason for treatment entry. In this context, the report highlights the urgent need to know more about potential effective pharmacotherapy for cannabis-use disorders.



January 11 to 15, 2016 : Aelis Farma attended the JP Morgan Annual Healthcare Conference

Aelis Farma attended the JP Morgan Annual Healthcare Conference and 2016 Biotech Showcase in San Francisco. The company presented the latest developments of AEF0117 and AEF0118 to potential partners and investors.

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